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Playing Pokemon GO? Help the shelter while you play!

Unless you're isolated in space, under the ocean or unplugged from the web (in which case, you're not reading this), you're familiar with the Pokemon GO game craze sweeping the country. The free-to-play app has been lauded for getting folks off the couch and out and about while they "hunt" the various Pokemon characters.

Since its launch in early July 2016, Pokemon GO attracted millions of users, and has encouraged people to group up. Some groups have supplemented their Pokemon adventures by picking up trash as they play the game. Restaurants and even our own Downtown Cape and Uptown Jackson areas have benefited from the increased foot traffic. Others just enjoy the social aspect of legitimate human interaction. In fact, here's a video with some interesting information about its effect:



photo: Washington Post

We think it's great, and are taking inspiration from some suggestions that have shown up on Reddit and Facebook around the country to suggest YOU pair up your Pokemon party with the Walk for a Dog fundraising app!

If you aren't familiar with the Walk for a Dog app, it's super simple: Start the app, select the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, and then begin walking hunting Pokemon. The app will log your distance and we receive donations! SPOILER ALERT: You don't have to have a dog with you, either. :)

It's a great chance for you and your furry friend to meet some new faces and get your tails waggin'! Both apps are free to download for iPhone and Android (links below).

Pokemon GO is inspiring a lot of great things and creative interactions. Add one more to your list with Walk for a Dog, and help us save 'em all while you catch 'em all!

Download Pokemon GO app:


Get it on Google Play



Download Walk for a Dog app:


Get it on Google Play

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